Villa Butussi is located in Visinale dello Judrio, a characteristic rural hamlet. Built on the site of an ancient watch-tower on the Judrio torrent, which has always been a bordering territory, the Villa offers a splendid view over the green vineyards of the renowned Valentino Butussi estate.
Thanks to the restructuring works that have restored it to its original splendour, the natural surrounding environment and the informal style of the owners, Villa Butussi is the ideal place to spend a holiday in the pursuit of good drinking and total relaxation. These lands that combine the art of woodcraft and vine-growing originate back to the Roman era: in fact, the ancient road connecting Cividale (Forum Julii) to the consular road leading to Aquileia and Emona, now called Lubljana, once passed through here.
The site, which was also inhabited during the early Middle Ages, belonged to the Patriarchs of Aquileia and in the 1400s was also occupied by the Venetian Republic, traces of which can still be seen in the architecture and style. The construction, which dates back to the end of the XVII century was once residence of noble families.
At the end of the 1800s it became the property of the noble family, Mimiola Pavani, wealthy pharmacists of the time who characterised its standard and style. Pierina and Angelo Butussi with their four children will be more than pleased to welcome you to the comfort of the Villa. The wines produced in their winery will undoubtedly prove a tasty surprise along with the family’s exquisite courtesy.