In the 15 hectares of vineyard in Prà di Corte, the day-to-day running of the estate is tiring but at the same time a pleasure.

This because producing wine in an area like Corno di Rosazzo which is ideal for vinegrowing is not for everybody, but is the fruit of constant commitment, which from the vine after harvesting arrives in the cellar. The Butussi family have always stood out for their team work and the spirit and harmony with which they interact.

Whoever knows and loves wine knows too what is under every cork, behind every label and inside every glass. The work which goes on in the vineyard itself and the attention given to each single vine and grape cluster. Love and passion. These are the ingredients which give spirit and body to the unmistakable finesse, to the complex structure, to the harmony of the microclimate and the earth itself – which is rich in marl and sandstone – and which the Colli Orientali del Friuli inspire.

Particularly in the white wines but also in the more robust reds which following careful grape selection and vinification, the Butussi family bottle in a rich and charming range of intense and precious flavours.